COVID-19:Poor Nigerians should be Considered-Tinubu

Apc national leader Tinubu

National Leader of All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu want poor Nigerians to be well taken care of in the face of Corornavirus.

He said the pandemic led to economic problems, the government must take certain steps that include:

Keeping government spending: The federal government must stick to its naira budget costs.

government projects: The Government should accelerate expenditure and the actual work on major infrastructure projects, especially regarding transport.

tax reduction: The government has announced tax credits or partial tax deduction for the company or companies.

Food security: Bola Tinubu said we need to protect people from food shortages and high prices. He suggested the need improbement in the farm-to-market delivery of agricultural products

The exchange rate: The CBN to allow some pressure on the naira without vigorously intervened to defend the exchange rate.

Debt suspension: evictions, foreclosures and light and water cut-offs may have to be suspended. Suspension or reduction of partial payment of school fees for the majority of our poor families should be considered. Finally, the APC leaders want the government to increase allowances for poor people

According to him, “The government should be ready to increase the allowance for the poor. We do this by widening net, substantially increasing the number of beneficiaries of anti-poverty. “

APC leader said the move is not a comprehensive solution, and he hopes the ideas needed spark dialogue about the ways the government may need to employ to protect the nation from attack by the coronavirus.

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