COVID-19: Nigeria Records Five New Cases

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Five new positive coronavirus cases have been recorded in Nigeria, increasing the total number of infections in the country to 323.

Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed a new case in a tweet on Sunday night.

It explains that the two cases recorded in Lagos and Kwara States respectively while the last infection was found in Katsina.

21:10 On 12 April there were

323 confirmed cases
85 discharged
10 deaths

Lagos- 176
FCT- 56
Osun- 20
Edo- 12
Oyo- 11
Ogun- 7
Bauchi- 6
Kaduna- 6
Akwa Ibom- 5
Kwara- 4
Enugu- 2
Ekiti- 2
Ondo- 2
Benue- 1
Niger- 1
Anambra- 1

At 21:10 on 12 April, the health agency noted that 19 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has recorded at least one confirmed coronavirus case in the country.

It revealed that the death toll reached 10 while 15 more people recover from this illness, so the number of those who had been discharged to 85.

With the latest update on COVID-19 in Nigeria, Lagos now has a total of 176 confirmed cases – more than triple the figure in the FCT.

Other figures Abuja – 56, Osun – 20, Edo – 12, Oyo – 11 Ogun – seven, Bauchi – six, Kaduna – six, Akwa Ibom – five, Katsina – five, and Kwara – four.

Others include Delta – three, Enugu – two, Ekiti – two, Rivers – two, Ondo – two, Benue – one, Niger – one, Anambra – one, and Kano – one.

The Tweet by NCDC came hours after the governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced that five COVID 19 patients have been discharged in the state.

The governor explained in several earlier tweet that patients – four female and one male – sent home to reunite with their families and communities after testing negative for coronavirus.

He said the newly discharged patients, a total of 55 people have been successfully managed at the state’ government COVID-19 isolation centers of the state and have been discharged to the society.

Summary coronavirus cases in Nigeria on April 12, 2020.

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